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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Buy At Your Own Risk

Lelong recently raised an alert on buying from foreign sellers or sellers who ship from outside of Malaysia. Do know that dropshipping is against the rule of auction marketplaces because it means it means paying for something that isn't at hand. This raises the risk of shopping online.

Also, you are urged to raise the flag if you are required to wait for a couple of weeks for your item, if you are required to pay for international shipping or if you are required to pay custom tax or other taxes. Raise the flag just as you would raise the flag of an "Out of Stock" Seller.

This would help Lelong identify errant Sellers and enable them to take necessary actions. The first action will always be account suspension

I believe that if every member is proactive in tracking down sellers who are out of line and reporting them, the marketplaces will be a safer place to shop, hence establishing trust and confidence between genuine buyers and sellers.


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